• Fast-paced color frenzy!

    Move and rotate the falling sparks to remove matching colors.

  • Knock out the pegs!

    What adventures will you find in PegLand?

  • BenBen needs help!

    Can you keep the beaded snakes away from BenBen?

  • Build your cat army!

    Make the most matches and defeat your feline foes!


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Action Games

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    Bugs Gone Wild

    Experimental bugs have escaped from a genetics lab and are causing havoc across the country side. Using Quadrifidus Mushroom spores you must destroy the Bugs Gone Wild. Try to complete all 20 levels.

    Played Today: 4

    Top Score: 9702500

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    Relive the fun of a carnival and test your skill with this classic arcade game

    Played Today: 43

    Top Score: 3050

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    Cat Fight

    Make matches to earn resources and build the greatest cat army your feline foes have ever seen.

    Played Today: 3

    Top Score: 4381785

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    Crossing Guard

    Help Molly get the kids safely to The Starting Gate elementary school!

    Played Today: 3

    Top Score: 259630

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    Cupcake Catch

    Played Today: 2

    Top Score: 5730

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    Duck Wrangler

    These boots were made for walking. Err...for wranglin' ducks that is! The world is at your mercy. Don't let these crazed critters take over the world!

    Played Today: 1

    Top Score: 120434

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    Flippin In-Laws

    It's the big day: your in-laws' annual BBQ blowout. As if it wasn't tough enough, you just found out that you are manning the grill. Mess up and deal with the 27-time Cook County Grill Champ.

    Played Today: 7

    Top Score: 96

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    Journal Impossible

    Molly left her journal in Zach's apartment. Guide her down through the floor's of Zach's building to recover the journal before time runs out.

    Played Today: 3

    Top Score: 15645

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    Love is in the Air

    Love is tough, especially when you are stuck at sea on an old raft. The question is, do you send for help or send for love? Love of course!

    Played Today: 2

    Top Score: 166824

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    Monkey Gems

    Help BenBen the monkey fend off the colorful reptiles, one by one in this fun and exciting match-making adventure!

    Played Today: 102

    Top Score: 1422820

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